My Business

My name is Annemaree Rowley, and I am the author and I speak to you from Melbourne, Australia.

My business is ‘Cool, Calm & Collected, and being a yoga tutor, my work includes teaching breathing,  deep relaxation, mind/body movement and meditation techniques  based on classical Hatha Yoga.

As exploring the world and enjoying the company of others are two of my greatest passions, I offer a series of tours and weekend retreats  that have been specifically designed for the discerning traveller – something exquisitely exotic, stylish, unique and nurturing.

I love what I do and feel it is a great honour to deliver my life’s lessons to those around me.

To quote Helen Keller … “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do”.

I believe it is my responsibility to pass on what I have been privileged to learn. It is also my desire to serve you with love, light and delight.

So each Thursday I shall deliver a tale …may we enjoy the journey together.  I do hope that each contribution will ‘lift your heart’ to the stars.

11 thoughts on “My Business

  1. My husband and I are loving your Paving Your Pathway to Peace course on Insight Timer. Facing new medical issues is always a struggle and hearing your lesson on Acceptance today was beautiful.

    • Hello Amy, thank you for connecting. It means so much to me to hear from those for whom the course resonates. I am very grateful (and humbled at the same time) that “Paving Your Pathway to Peace is of benefit to you and your husband. Of course it is a collation of my experiences and lessons over the years…..I simply pass these on and am privileged to do so. with love, Annemaree

  2. Hello Annemaree,
    I love your meditations on Insight Timer and I wanted to ask if you will make more soon. And if you can make one about those that struggle with their identity, and that lose themselves in other people–by overextending through caretaking, taking on their problems, and trying to change their thoughts, behaviors by forfeiting that we have control over how other people live and etc. This is something I am struggling with and your meditations have always helped me and granted me so much healing energy. I could use your loving and gracious voice on Insight Timer again!

    • Hello and thank you for reaching out. It is a very good topic that you have suggested….is it about being kinder to others than to yourself; not being able to say ‘no’; becoming exhausted by propping up those around you; and trying to ‘make’ others see your point of view? Yes, I would be happy to write something around this. I am so truly grateful that my work has been valuable to you. Truly grateful. It is a privilege to share my experiences especially on a global platform. How it works with Insight Timer is this…. I write and record the practice and then submit it to I.T. It can take many, many weeks for the session to be uploaded. Thousands of meditations are submitted and scrutinized by the staff. Their overload is enormous. I have one practice waiting in the wings at the moment and it has been sitting there for some time. However, in the meantime, you may find the course ‘Paving your Pathway to Peace’
      helpful or one of the Daily Insights, all recently uploaded. I promise I shall keep you in mind with your request but it may take a little time before it comes to fruition. In the meantime, meditate often….. Peace & Love to you, Annemaree

      • Yes, sounds great!! Let me know what the name of it will be when it is on insight timer!

  3. Annemaree, thank you so much for sharing your meditations on Insight Timer. Your voice and content are very soothing—I find myself able to fully relax while staying (mostly) present to your calming words and tone. I was wondering if you might share the name of the artist/song that you play alongside your voice in the meditation called Gratitude. It really captures the feeling I get when I’m aware of being grateful for all of Life’s experiences—a perfect combination of joy and melancholy. Much gratitude for your meditations, Dan

  4. Hello Dan. Thank you for your lovely message. I am truly grateful that you resonate with the practices. If you would like a shor,t but visual few minutes of rest, go on to my website which is and press the centre of the lotus flower. I think you may like it. In the meantime, the music behind my voice on ‘Gratitude’ is ‘Devotion’ – Benjy Wertheimer – easily accessible on Spotify. Take care and be peaceful, with kindness, Annemaree

    • Thank you, Annemaree. I do like the beautiful lotus flower visual meditation. Your website is lovely. Peace 🙏🏼

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