Be curious

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Ellen Parr

When I was very small, maybe 6 or 7 years of age, I remember telling my father that I was bored!  Big mistake!  He gently clipped me across the ear, like a lion clips her cub, and told me he never wanted to hear me say such a thing again.

I shall never forget his words….”you have too many people to meet, places to visit, books to read and paintings to paint to ever become bored in this world”.    How true could these words be…..  I recall thinking about his message even then.  My eyes opened and my mind expanded – all within seconds.

This world offers so much for us to discover and to learn. I have met some extraordinary people in some extraordinary lands and am surrounded by amazing souls, each with their own fascinating stories.

I never have a book far out of my reach…books educate me, refresh me, send me into a world of wonderment and often challenge me to the absolute brink.   And now we have Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest to drill down in to – finding more questions, more answers, more stories and more joy!

And….the pictures I paint?  There are many in words, vision and spirit.

Oh, if only I could find more lifetimes in this one…. I feel like my life is a suitcase and I am perpetually packing it with more knowledge.

Whenever, I turn a corner, there is always something more for me to ponder.

I haven’t used the word ‘bored’ since.  Thank you Dad, wherever you may be.


1 thought on “Be curious

  1. Morning Annemaree… this new site of yours is looking wonderful and i wish you every success with it. Will you be adding an RSS feed to it so I can automatically receive your posts?

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