Expand Your Heart – meditation







Lie down in Savasana, somewhere warm, light and bright preferably with a gentle breeze flowing around you.

Your feet are separated about hip-width distance apart.

Your legs are long and loose and the little toes are gently falling outwards towards the floor.

Your arms are nestled beside you and your palms are facing upwards in an attitude of ‘giving and receiving’.

Your eyes are softly closed.  The jaw is soft.

Roll the head from side to side as though you are gently rocking to a melody that you love.

Release your ‘chatty’ mind into the ether.

Spread the shoulders broadly.

Soften the lower back.

It is as though the whole body is melting into the earth that supports you.

Inhale, fill the body with breath

Exhale – release all tension and fatigue.

Absorb the beauty of Savasana.

Sense the breath flowing through you like a perpetual wave.

Begin to notice the pauses between each breath.

Within a pause, bring to mind a memory of sheer beauty….an image, an experience, a sound…one that lifts and expands your heart – one that streams joy through your veins.  Ponder upon this vision.

What can you see?  How do you feel?

Focus upon that experience whilst your heart expands and expands….

Do this breath by breath, thought by thought….

Enter the next pause and the next – sensing a gentle pulsing of the heart…

You may sense a flutter like the beating of a bird’s wings, the rustling of leaves in a tree or a gentle wave tip-toeing into shore…..

Sense this beating of the heart and open it to wonder, radiance, splendor, compassion.

Sometimes we can hear the chant of the heart….’Anahata’

A Na Ha Ta    A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta

A Na Ha Ta    A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta   A Na Ha Ta

Balance the heart centre; feel free, empowered, joyful and bright. You will soon cease to crave for  external ‘love’ for you know that ‘love’ exists deep within…that it is your natural state.

Your heart transforms your energy into ideas, dreams and creations.

Dreams and ideas that come from the heart will manifest.

Distractions and diversions soon dissipate, and the noise of desire and attachment subside. All emotional upheaval dissolves and happiness pervades.

Feel lighter, brighter, more carefree…

Consciously choose to feel this peace, this warmth, the intention to share, to give and to connect.

For this is the expansion of the heart….

P.S. As a postscript, my brother Paul recently took this photograph of his brand new bub. A picture like this lifts my heart…for it exemplifies creation, pure love and sheer beauty.


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