Do you have a favourite word?  A word that inspires you? One that you try to live up to?

I have a friend who always laughs when I say things like “this is one of my favourite songs, or this is one of my favourite artists”, and she always says “but you can only have one favourite. The word ‘favourite’ is absolute”.

My argument is that I can have as many ‘favourites’ as I want.  There are so many things I love – how can one draw a line between them?

And so….one of my favourite words is ‘Grace’.  One to which I aspire and that defines all that is exemplary to me.  It encapsulates the fundamental principles and philosophies of my yoga practice.

This word is owned by those who bestow kindness and compassion upon others and who possess the disposition to ‘serve’.  It defines those who are generous, helpful and courteous; refined, charming and elegant.

And….that leads me to ‘Graceful’? Another favourite word!

I am always saying to my yoga students to enter and release from a yoga posture gracefully; enter a room with your head held high; walk gracefully; breathe effortlessly; waltz with the heart; sing from the soul; glide across a room and smile for no reason.

What about ‘Gracious’?

I am always overwhelmed by the kindness, courtesy, hospitality, and charm that is bestowed upon me in many lands.  That is what the word ‘Grace’ truly exemplifies, and I am often in the company of the most gracious people.

There you are three words all borne from the one derivative…..

Yes, three favourites!

Is there such a place where people embody these words?  I think it might be Bali.  To me, Bali is a land of gentle souls and warm and welcoming faces.  The environment is charismatic. The nature is simply hypnotic.  The people move so gracefully. Alluring smiles reign and the isle offers some of the finest service in the world.

Yes, the more I think about it the more I realize why my clients love it so much.  It is the ‘grace’ that enraptures them.   Grace arises from the core of the land and the souls of its people.

That is why I called my tour to Bali – ‘A Noble Heart’

Grace, Graceful and Gracious.

As a footnote: Some time ago, I fell in love with this image which was taken by the Dutch photographer Miki de Best  As a gift, Miki allows me to use his beautiful photograph for my Balinese tours.

How gracious is that!


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