Differing but the Same


One day I was walking with a friend, and as we passed a man living on the street, she exclaimed ‘what a loser’.  She shocked me and it saddened me deeply….that anyone, anyone on this earth, would consider this term for someone whose path had taken an unfortunate, or in fact, a different direction than ours.  I believe that the majority (if not all) of these people do not choose to sleep on a park bench, in the freezing cold or in the stifling heat, without shelter, food or a friend to talk to.

We are all different on the outside and come in different exteriors, different packages so to speak.  But when one looks inside the box we are the same. We have the same essence and for that essence to thrive we need to be able to connect with the essence in others.  Rather than thinking outside the box, perhaps we can consider there is no box. It is through that flow, that essence, that we learn about one another and in turn we learn about ourselves.  The action is called tolerance.

Just like a plant that is not watered, if you do not nurture it, and it becomes disconnected from the elements, it becomes starved of life.  It dies inside and out. To me that is what happens to those referred to as the ‘down and out’, those you see sitting against walls in street sidewalks, begging to be noticed. They were once someone’s child and now have no home, emotional, or otherwise.  They are the world’s ‘home-less’. They have lost their home.  They have lost their place.

Human kindness from others allows their essence, their nectar to flow, even if just for seconds. As my father taught me, ‘buy those on the street a meal or a coffee’. Something to nurture their body and soul.  Yes, a coin is fine too, of course.  So what if that coin is spent on a cigarette?  I don’t know what it is like not to have a roof over my head, let alone sleep out in the cold! So I am not in a position to judge.  I have learned to look into their eyes as I pass them by.  Let them know they are part of my world too!

Often I reflect upon the question – Am I connecting in my own world?

We need to remember that when we are gone, no one will remember what we wore at their party; how many honours we obtained at school; how many languages we mastered; what car we drove; how many houses we owned; or what our title was at work; they will only remember how we made them feel.  They will remember the kindness we bestowed upon them. However some will also remember being hurt or bullied, controlled or cut down by us too.  There is a choice!

There is a wonderful Arabic proverb which says: ‘The Axe forgets, but the tree remembers’.

Isn’t the greatest wealth in any being  found in their ability to connect, to offer kindness and compassion?

All of us have the ability to nurture the essence in others and in by doing so we nurture ourselves. When we feel fear, anger, hatred, envy or in some way believe we are superior to those whom we meet, there can be little, if any connection.  And not only does our own energy deplete by transmuting these emotions, we deplete the energy in others and soon they will move away.

For so long, we have valued knowledge as being the most important element in our lives, but in fact isn’t it understanding?  Is it not understanding and acting upon that understanding? Knowledge is just a commodity.  Understanding is the key in turning knowledge into something valuable.

Doesn’t this apply to how we treat others in every aspect of our lives?  Knowledge or understanding?

If we think that by behaving as though we know better, are smarter, wealthier, faster, happier, more valuable, then we are being foolish and show up our own stagnant thinking and lack of understanding and compassion.

Acquire knowledge. Understand it. Act upon it.  When our thoughts, understanding, speech and action are in line going forth……then we are in harmony.

It also takes courage to find the ‘heart’ in things. And where does the word ‘Courage’ come from?  The French word ‘Coeur’ – heart.

Do we have the courage never to cut down or look down upon another? Do we have the compassion to bestow upon those who are hurting?

If so, then we will truly thrive, simply by connecting…..



P.S.  I would like to honour whoever took this photograph.  It came to me, I don’t remember how, nor can I recognise who took it. But I thank you, whoever you are.  It says it all.










Do you have a favourite word?  A word that inspires you? One that you try to live up to?

I have a friend who always laughs when I say things like “this is one of my favourite songs, or this is one of my favourite artists”, and she always says “but you can only have one favourite. The word ‘favourite’ is absolute”.

My argument is that I can have as many ‘favourites’ as I want.  There are so many things I love – how can one draw a line between them?

And so….one of my favourite words is ‘Grace’.  One to which I aspire and that defines all that is exemplary to me.  It encapsulates the fundamental principles and philosophies of my yoga practice.

This word is owned by those who bestow kindness and compassion upon others and who possess the disposition to ‘serve’.  It defines those who are generous, helpful and courteous; refined, charming and elegant.

And….that leads me to ‘Graceful’? Another favourite word!

I am always saying to my yoga students to enter and release from a yoga posture gracefully; enter a room with your head held high; walk gracefully; breathe effortlessly; waltz with the heart; sing from the soul; glide across a room and smile for no reason.

What about ‘Gracious’?

I am always overwhelmed by the kindness, courtesy, hospitality, and charm that is bestowed upon me in many lands.  That is what the word ‘Grace’ truly exemplifies, and I am often in the company of the most gracious people.

There you are three words all borne from the one derivative…..

Yes, three favourites!

Is there such a place where people embody these words?  I think it might be Bali.  To me, Bali is a land of gentle souls and warm and welcoming faces.  The environment is charismatic. The nature is simply hypnotic.  The people move so gracefully. Alluring smiles reign and the isle offers some of the finest service in the world.

Yes, the more I think about it the more I realize why my clients love it so much.  It is the ‘grace’ that enraptures them.   Grace arises from the core of the land and the souls of its people.

That is why I called my tour to Bali – ‘A Noble Heart’


Grace, Graceful and Gracious.

As a footnote: Some time ago, I fell in love with this image which was taken by the Dutch photographer Miki de Best www.debestpix.com.  As a gift, Miki allows me to use his beautiful photograph for my Balinese tours.

How gracious is that!