Friends of Mine

Among Life’s precious jewels, ‘Friends of Mine’ sparkles brightly!

I thought you may like me to share some of the special places in my hometown that I find truly gorgeous.

My writing is from a ‘yogic’ perspective and what could be more yogic than friendly smiles; a true understanding of ‘serving others’; a beautiful ambience; attention to detail; stunning cuisine; and an underlying joyful heart.

I called in for brunch one day.  Two staff at the door were assisting with the inundation of clients pouring through the doors. Queuing isn’t an issue for me but I was advised to come back in 10 minutes.  My name was taken.  (Always a good sign). When I returned I was greeted by name and a very big smile from Melanie.  Rather than dismissively told where the table was located, my friend and I were escorted to it.

Looking down at the menu, I was sold!  “You are beautiful, xo” peeked up at me.

Sometimes businesses just get it!

And as for the food……it was divine!  Generous, affordable and YUM.

I don’t know what to recommend as I fully intend to work my way over time through the whole menu.

In their own words, the concept is simply ‘a collaboration of many wonderful people….. cousins that made our aprons……uncles that supply some of our meats…..friends who designed our lampshades…..mates who helped paint…..’


The kitchen team uses “organic, free range happy and local produce” as much as possible.

By the way, I asked ‘Friends of Mine’ if I could possibly show you the photo on the menu.  As expected, it was sent to me within a couple of days. No pretension, sensitivity or ownership issues.  I shall always protect it and always admire it.  I trust you will too!

Visit the cafe.  You won’t be disappointed.

Friends of Mine,                                                                                                                        506 Swan Street                                                                                                                   Richmond, Melbourne                                                                                                                              P: 9428 7516

Check out the very cool website: